Top 10 Unique Corporate Gifts to Bring the Holiday Cheer to Colleagues and Clients

Looking to send the holiday cheer to your business fellows, but don’t want to blend in with the crowd? Never fear: there are a wealth of unique corporate gifts out there to delight the recipients and make your brand “stick” in their mind. Read on to find ten examples of these thoughtful business gifts.

1. Desktop Water Fountain — The soothing trickle of flowing water will bring peace and harmony to anyone’s desk, from an overworked manager to high-level executive.
2. Engraved Newton’s Cradle — This elegant and timeless desk toy will remind your client of your brand during every idle phone call or mid-afternoon break.
3. Stainless Stress Balls — Work in a high-pressure industry? Your colleague will appreciate the ability to release a little stress with these ergonomic hand relaxers.
4. Pen Caddy/Clock — Fulfill two necessary functions in one with this handy writing storage unit and digital clock, prominently imprinted with your logo.
5. Miniature Zen Garden — The peaceful swoops of this sand-and-rake garden are guaranteed to make a memorable impression.
6. Logo Cookie Basket — Not content with just gift-wrapping your sweet treats? Have your corporate logo baked onto every bite!
7. Personalized Binoculars — Make sure your clients keep a sharp eye on your business for the new year with these impressively powerful personalized binoculars.
8. Action Dice — For the high-powered executive that wants to seek the wisdom of chance. The base can even be decorated with your logo!
9. Logo Candy — Chewy saltwater taffy that can be rolled and cut into hundreds of versions of your business’ logo!
10. Customized Gift Tin from Cane River Pecan — If you’ve gotten this far, you know what the obvious choice is. Crunchy, buttery, all-natural, delicious pecans from Cane River are a surefire choice for everyone from employees to clients to dear old Mom. Order a tin or ten of these beauties and watch your recipient’s faces light up when they realize they’ve received the gift of pure Louisiana flavor.

When it comes to the people who support your living, don’t settle for a generic picture frame or business card holder. Choose something delicious, something fun, something unique and memorable, and your thoughtfulness will be rewarded in both your brand awareness and your business relationships. Happy holidays!

Keeping your business ahead of the curve means developing strong relationships — and lots of them. From clients and customers to business partners, vendors, employees and more, your list of vital players is ever growing and increasingly harder to handle. With professional gifting tips and industry insights, Cane River Pecan Company is here to help.

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