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Own the Spotlight: How to Best Position Your Brand for Success

In business, being a small fish in a big pond can be tough. Being a big fish in a big pond can be tough, too. The fact is, today’s markets are so heavily saturated with options that standing out becomes a central issue for most businesses. Floundering with low sales, business owners often make the […]

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Seasons Greetings From the CNO

Now that the holidays are in full swing, I’ve taken the time to sit down and consider the essence of this time of year. What is it, exactly, that makes us feel all warm and cozy inside (other than that cup of hot chocolate or bowl gumbo)? What’s the glue that holds the fabric of […]

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When Is the Best Time to Send a Corporate Gift?

The timing of a gift can be just as important as what you send. This is as true in corporate gifting as it is personal gifting. Here’s how to time it just right. Make an Impact During the Holiday Season While the prime time for gifting is still several months away, it’s never too early […]

Southern Mindfulness – Gifting as a Part of Southern Culture

Everything’s a little slower in the South, but it isn’t due to the heat, and it isn’t laziness, either. What it is is a kind of mindfulness, an awareness of the proper Southern way things should be done and the importance of the manners instilled by family and community. It isn’t something reserved for special […]

How to Store Pecans without Ruining Them

There’s nothing worse than opening a container of pecans you stored months earlier to find them rotten or rancid. If you picked all those pecans, all of your hard work would seem pointless. Fortunately, there are a few principles to storing pecans that will ensure your hard work or money spent was not wasted. Do […]

Stock Up! Why You Should Buy Pecans in Bulk

Pecans should not appear just around the holidays as a treat or in a warm pecan pie. They should appear all year, in all kinds of food, because they are incredibly nutritious and can add just the right amount of flavor and crunch to a dish. How do you make sure you have pecans to […]

How to Keep Your New Year Resolutions in 2015

We are all familiar with the desire to make proactive changes to our lives and relationships. We make grand promises with ourselves about how we are going to change and get that body we always wanted. But truth is, we are also oh-so-familiar with the feeling of failure from not achieving what we were so […]

Can’t Keep Up? 7 Ways to Simplify Your Holiday Gift Buying

Gift buying can certainly be a time of over complication. Lists, budgets and people’s wishes all factor in when making decisions about what to buy. Here are seven ways to make the holiday gift buying experience a little less complicated: 1. Start Early Don’t wait until the week before the holiday to think about what […]

Five Dinner Party Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

There is quite a lot of pressure when hosting a dinner party. What you anticipate to be a fun and festive evening can turn into a “what was I thinking?!” personal meltdown in the kitchen. Consider not doing the following when thinking about hosting a dinner party: Complicated Recipes A complicated and untested recipe can […]

The Top Ten Corporate Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year for showing thanks by giving gifts. Sometimes gift giving—especially in the corporate workplace—can be difficult because it may appear most people have every essential item or trinket they need. However, there is something out there even for the most savvy and well-accessorized clients and employees. Here are ten gift ideas […]

Keeping your business ahead of the curve means developing strong relationships — and lots of them. From clients and customers to business partners, vendors, employees and more, your list of vital players is ever growing and increasingly harder to handle. With professional gifting tips and industry insights, Cane River Pecan Company is here to help.

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